(x) please help me id this. I am taking over a website and need to recreate the logo! - (double post)

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This font seems to be a cross between Poetica Roman and Durrow Bold. I can't find it anywhere.


Thank you!!!

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You've posted that already under http://typophile.com/node/72234 a few hours ago. BTW, did you pay your fees for the platinum service of Typophile?

Andreas (SCNR)

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Well I re posted because all the other forums got responses but mine. I am new here I wasn't even aware there was a platinum service? I found this site through google reader.

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There is no platinum service, Andreas was just joking. We serve everyone equally and to the highest standards.

Please read FAQ #9.

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Hehe. Okay. Got it. I'll be a good little poster now :)

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