wedge-serif for 9pt setting

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Dear typophiles,

I'm working on a text face mainly intended for magazines.
It's a low-contrast wedge-serif. My aim is good legibility at small sizes (9pt).

Looking forward for your valuable feedback.

Also I have some problems with hinting, letters start to wobble on screen in 400% zoom.
I did some manual hinting on top of autohinting(opentype) and it got better.

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this is really nice. it's got a great texture to it.
enough punch to give it character yet not too dazzling.

I'd either make make the opening of the /g/ descender larger or just close it up, not sure how much of a difference keeping it that small would make around 9pt. Perhaps same with the open /k/ join.

The /y/ descender is great. I love the subtle curve it has. Interesting /U/ as well. Definitely keep working on this.

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I agree this is nice work.
I see wobbliness in alignment and thicknesses not only on screen but on my printed page - is that all due to hinting problems? Consequently some of the unevenness I see (thinness of B's top bowl, thickness of thick part of g's bottom loop) may need a hinting rather than a drawing fix.
I think E and F could be a touch wider, and L two touches wider.

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Quite awesome!

I think /B/ needs some adjusting, as you can see in the proof it feels too thin, especially in smaller sizes.

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I may be dreaming, but there's something about the calligraphic kinks of this that reminds me of Oldrich Menhart's amazing Czech Modernist typefaces. Very nice.

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AJ, I followed your advice on 'g', thanks

Craig, Adobe FDK autohinter improved things a bit. I think the problem might be in alignment zones.

Jean Paul, yes, 'B' is troublesome — I also tried extending it.

Max, you're right — there is a broad-nib calligraphic link, partly inspired by Menhart.

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Crossbar of /t/ should be lower (sit visibly lower than x height)
Arm of /r/ should be darker

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The crossbar of /t/ is generally lower than x-height and is related to the crossbar of /f/, so I changed the /f/ accordingly.
Though the relationship is very design-specific. In New Baskerville /f/'s crossbar is lower than /t/'s, whereas New Century SchoolBook, and didone typefaces share the same height. This is also dependant on hook of /f/.

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Also, the diamond-shaped periods and i-dots are a little distracting for a text face, maybe just go with round.

But overall it's quite nice, keep up the good work

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Matthew, thanks

I appreciate your advice.

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I think is coming great, congrats.

Things I see:
- the leg of "k", "K" and "R" could be a problem whem printing, it could generate a lot of black.
- final tail stroke in the "g" doesn't match very well with the sistem you are trying to acomplish. It shouldn't be so pointy, perhaps something more like your "j"
- "s" kind of heavy
- "A" is thin and the middle stroke is too low
- "G" and "U" is too wide (compare the white space with the other letters
- Lining numbers are kind of boldish

Keep up the good work

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