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Hi Everyone

I am very interested in the early work of Jan Tschichold. I recently started reading up on Die neue Typographie and many of the other guiding principles behind Tschichold's work. Does anyone have any good online referances for more info on Tschichold, perhaps even some info not too well known or documented.

Secondly there is a typeface designed by Tschichold called Saskia. Does anyone know if there is a digital version available?

Thank you

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Hi Gustav,

online? Not really.
Check out Christopher Burke’s book, Active literature: Jan Tschichold and New Typography.

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"there is a typeface designed by Tschichold called Saskia"
I have beautifully printed specimen of that typeface. I think there is no information about digital Saskia.

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Hi Florian. Thank you. I have ordered the book. It will take some time to arrive, so till then i'll trawl the web for more.

Jan, can you upload an image of scan? I would love to see Saskia.


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You can see a low-res sample here: http://bit.ly/9YGMcy

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OK, I'll do it soon.

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Jan Tschichold, Posters of the Avantgarde (Martijn F. Le Coultre, Birkhäuser, 2007) documents in detail the series of posters that JT designed for the Phoebus Palast in 1927. The posters are fascinating in their simplicity and reduction: often they needed to be designed and printed in only one or two days using the uppercase wooden letterforms that were available.
Jan Tschichold – Master Typographer: His Life, Work & Legacy (Cees W. De Jong, Thames & Hudson, 2008) shows a range of early work and reproduces the type specimen of Saskia issued by Lettergieterij Amsterdam in 1932.

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Thanks Fabi.

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You can download some Saskia scans here:
6 114 MB all

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His early work was traditional calligraphy and hand-lettering.

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Thank you Jan.

You made my day. What a beautiful typeface!


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