Stoolie Sans

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Ken Coupland

I'm flush with pride when it comes to this freehand (hand-drawn) animated
flash font. Stoolie Regular is available in a complete upper- and lower-case
character set. Any takers? KC

stoolie_sans.swf (35 k)

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Ken, I have to say, this is the crappiest face I've ever
seen. It just plain stinks. (Ahem, puns intended :-)

Perhaps, instead of adding weight for emphasis you
could just add flies.

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Joe, that's just plain brilliant.


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I'm afraid to see what the italic might look like.

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Have you ever given a dog a fright during mid-poo and watched it try and run away. Me thinks that's what the italic will look like.

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Hey, what's that infinity sign on the folder icon of this thread? Plus the "Msgs" and "Last Updated" fields are blanked.


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