Needing a good, cool, modern Serif font

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I'm working on the logo & wordmark for a company that will be based online (it's a music service) and aimed at Churches, primarily older and smaller high-churches, like Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Lutheran, etc.

Currently I'm using Proxima Nova or Gotham in the mockups (anyone want to weigh in on why I should pick one over the other?), set in all-caps, but I'd like to see something that looks a tiny bit more traditional. I'm thinking some slight serifs or something. Normally I'd try to solve this with a slab serif like Adele or PMN Caecilia, but it ends up looking too tough, and most serifs just look too boring to be used for an online music service.

So I'm looking for some suggestions... Like I said, something current and contemporary is key, but with some sort of throwback to older styles, and preferably a wide letter form in the uppercase. It's be a plus if the typeface had some neat little quirk that gave it a personality as well.

By the way, if I stick with a serif, I also thought about Eigerdals (, the bold weight in particular... anyone have any thoughts on that font or the foundry?

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Hedge your bets and reach for the middle...

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Hmmm... that's some risky business. There's just too many weird letterforms in there. I've got two uppercase "I"s in the company name, and the Rotis "I"s look like "1"s.

Besides, I thought that font was loathed around these parts!

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Worst. Advice. Ever.

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Hmm... thought there'd be more suggestions. But then again, there doesn't seem to be much out there in this weird no-mans-land bridging a geometric sans and a classic serif.

Here's a few possibilities, would love to know anyone's thoughts:
PF Centro Serif Pro:
Aeron (can't get much info on this one):
and of course the much loved

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I'm not sure if I got exactly what you are looking for.
But there are some options I believe could fit your needs:

Greta Text
Guardian Text
Expo Serif

Hope this helps.

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