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This is my first post, however I have been visiting these forums for a while. I will just start by saying I am a third year graphic design student who enjoys typography despite a lack of proper training.

Below I have posted a typeface I have spent some time on. It started as a rough sketch for a logotype (not the one shown in the book) and I decided to make a set of uppercase charactes for it. The theme was futuristic, and the inspiration was the digital face you find on LED clocks. I wanted a fairly bold forcefull look to it also.

The book shown is one I made for a years worth of graffiti by local artist Sytak hence the name Sytak'03.

I would appreciate your unvetted criticism.

Cheers Jimmy C

application/x-shockwave-flashsytak'03 typeface outlines
Sytak'03beta.swf (2.8 k)


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Feedback, anyone?

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Excuse me, but i think, your font have no surprise.
We can tell you why your font is not calling attention.
Maybe if you try to create a font based in diagonals and verticals...
but you dont have a system of signs, i think your font is only an excercise, and... thats all.

in my opinion, you have to leave this work and:

1._ file/new

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Gee, I hope someday that I can tell that an idea is not worth bothering with just five letters in. It'll save
me so much time.

In the meantime, I'd suggest that you try to do at least a few more letters, and see what happens
when you combine the in different orders. I'd say that right now, the idea might be a bit rough, but I
don't think that's a reason to scrap it and begin from scratch. See what you can do with it first.

But do be prepared to scrap any or all of these in the name of going where your font ideas take you.

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Here is the letters I have worked on so far. These letters were hand drawn first using grid paper then replicated in Illustrator.

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I would see if you have 2 oe 3 or 6 additional ideas about how to do each character & see if even better stuff emerges. I would look for crazier & also more conventional shapes - both. Right now I don't get as clear a direction from it as I would like - the feeling of being totally wack & out there - which would be cooler or a bit more usable which might also be cooler.

The Wackest letters to me are the X & the R. They don't appologize at all. I like that.

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I like how the figures appear three dimensional, but I don't see that in most of the other characters.
4, 5, 6, and 7 especially are in and out, which creates some interest for me.

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I agree about the 4 & 7 - they have a nice flow. What about letting the charcaters come out of the implied box you have them in. The W is wider than the L - but what about height? Most of the letters are constrained in that way. The 8 needs some room i think. The B too. What if you built the letters from something physical as part of the exercise - like black tape? I think the M would come out differently if you did that. That G needs fixing!

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