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(x) tall font? - various suggestions {Tamas, Frode, Florian}

I need to design one of those "this pack free" yellow and red horrors and it has to fit in a space that's 16,5cm x 6cm. I've tried with different weights of helvetica but obviously there's a lot of space left. And they want me to do it vertical... Any ideas of what can I do? I've thought of splitting the words in couples of two letters but they don't seem to like it.

Thanks a lot!


Maybe you could go for some classic narrow gothic like Placard.

If you're not comfortable drawing type yourself, why not hire a type designer? You're bound to need some customization to get this right and it might be easier to start from scratch.

I wish I could do that, Frank. I'd hire illustrators and typographers 5 times a day if it were up to me!

I think I'll try to convince them to leave some empty space. Stretching the type would give me serious nightmares. Placard looks awesome though.

Thank you so much!

Lots of ultra-narrow sans-serifs in this FontList.

Florian, one of this days I'm going to ask you to marry me!!! Thanks!

Also see http://Knockout by Hoefler & Frere-Jones. Florian is not a bad catch, btw.

Honor to whom honor is due: the FontList was created by the FontShop staff. Do they have some good-looking single chaps in their team? You betcha!

We should have a "type geek pairing" wiki in addition to the "typeface pairing" wiki.

Florian, one of this days I'm going to ask you to marry me!!!

To be followed by One Of These Days I'm Going To Cut You Into Little Pieces.

You may laugh but, when some people help me selflessly over the internet... it somehow makes me believe in humanity again.

Not totally altruistic, but my Ticketbook has seven weights to choose from to fit.

Available from MyFonts.

I love it! Thanks!!

My pleasure, Alexandra. I just now (honestly) did remember Knock-Out and Champion by Hoefler. They are very wood type. But might have worked for you. But there you go.

ITC Roswell by Jim Parkinson is one of the narrowest Sans Serif fonts ever.

Now it's worse! so many great choices I don't know which one to pick!!

Thank you all very much!!!

Alternate Gothic would be my choice, it comes in 3 widths.