(x) similar to Memimas, Cartoleria, School Script - custom by Matteo Bologna at Mucca, alternatives {Steven A, Mike Y, Florian}

Hello All!

I have come close with Memimas, Cartoleria, School Script but they all have the open "E" in capital style but this font has a classic cursive script "e".

All suggestions welcome.


I don't think this is a font. The only duplicated letter is the 't', but they look slightly different to me. Do you have other samples of this?

- Mike Yanega

The most similar scripts I could find were Syncopated Script and Espangles, both from Harold's Fonts. I admit these are not especially close, but the feel is similar to me.

- Mike Yanega

This is based on the Italian school script style. I agree with Mike that it is lettering/writing, not a font. The closest approximation I am aware of is Pinocchio.

That's closer than the ones I mentioned Florian. If you fattened the stroke on that it would be pretty similar.

- Mike Yanega

This is custom type from Matteo Bologna at Mucca.