(x) Commercial Script Font - not a font, lettering {Rainer, Mark S}

I've been trying to ID this font with no luck. It's used on Oakley's site on the women's section. I would like to know which font it is as I'm thinking of using it in a project. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


This is either a very clever Opentype-Font with smart ligatures or it is handwritten. Compare the duplicate letters. I vote for the latter. Joebob has some nice handwriting in this style.

Renko, thanks for your input. I was checking out Joebob and there are some nice styles in that. I'm wondering of the Oakley company custom made this font. Possible? They're using it on the site as well as in printed materials in stores.

Renko, I went back to the site and found 3 more types of use for the script types. I think they are using a clever Opentype with ligatures unless they are customizing it themselves. I've attached a picture. Thoughts?

The simplest explanation is that they have hired a lettering artist to write the words for them. These are typical of the kind of work many lettering artists do nowadays. Making a font that can do that (or even customizing a font) is overkill if all you need is a few words.

Mark, thanks for your reply. It does look like the work of a lettering artist.