(x) display font, 1990s style - Decco Modern {Mark S}

Hello all, long time lurker, first-time poster.

This scan (doctored, original in metallic silver over brown) is from a series of touristic brochures made in Italy no more than five years ago. I have to make a new one of those, but for the life of me cannot identify this font (and the original designer is proving extremely hard to get in touch with). What The Font has a hard time with it and brings to no conclusive results. The same goes with Identifont and fontshop's type navigator.

Results obtained from research and posting elsewhere suggest an Emigré-esque look to it (Modula is a tiny bit similar, esp in the M) or Neville Brody (FF Dome) or even FF Dog (Paul Sych). In my opinion it has a 1990s feeling to it, but other than that I'm starting to be completely stumped.

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A couple more samples, that's all I have (and they're in all caps)

This is a face called Decco Modern, designed by Andy Hullinger in 1993 (according to an old type catalog I have). I'm not quite sure where you can get it now. It was originally distributed by T-26, but they don't seem to carry it anymore.

Actually comes closer to Neville Brody's FF Typeface Four One and Four Two but not quite it either.

LOL. Mark identified it but we must have posted around the same time.

Mark: fantastic answer, it's definitely it. (I found a tiny sample on a semi-abandoned webpage).

Apparently neither T-26 nor AGFA/Monotype/Fontshop (found a few references to them by way of Google) seem to be carrying it.

It was almost pure luck that I was able to find it. I knew it looked familiar. Something in the back of my mind told me to look in the Precision Type catalog (1995). I flipped to a page in the back, where individual distributors' offerings were listed, and there it was.

Mark, You should be a detective!

_dario, I'm happy to anyone a copy free of charge.

Ha ha! Ironically, I was lecturing/demonstrating to my design students about "googling" yourself and this link popped up onto the projector.

Well, class has just ended and I wanted to reply. The original lettering was based on some headlines I created for a Reebok print campaign at Leo Burnett in the '90s. Those headlines were in a "distressed" style, and at the urging of Carlos Segura and Scott Smith (back when we were first starting T-26) I created a "more complete" alphabet in two weights - Normal and Organic.

My apologies in advance for all the kerning you'll have to suffer through!


Very cool! Andy, your googlekarma just jumped up a notch or three after this post! (also, hi, Andy's students!) I'll gladly accept a copy and (hopefully) put it to good use, thank you so much.

The font is on it’s way, and I'm honored and humbled to know that it still has some use -- aside from fooling "What The Font" :^)