Public Gothic speaks more languages

There are 6 billion people live in the world and thousands of different languages! We are not ready for all of them yet but we are happy to announce Public Gothic Typeface Family is now available in 42 new languages!
The updated Family is available at and We are strongly recommending to all of our users to use Public Gothic Family Update R 1.01. We are giving this update to all our licensed owners for free and have already sent an email for this update to all of our licensed users. But If you are a licensed owner and have not received anything from us, please contact our sales department!

What's included?

  • New lowercase letters! (optional)
  • New Vintage and Federal style with unique character structure.
  • Full latin-based characters completed.
  • Central and Eastern European language support.
  • New figures, currency & related forms.
  • Improved structure for some glyph.
  • Better kerning!

Full Character Maps

What is next?

  • Cyrillic and Greek characters
  • Compressed variations
  • Thinner variations

Additional Information
Free beta version of Public Gothic Typeface has been downloaded more then 100.000 times! 319 Glyphs in this updated version. (it was 109 in the first version)

Nick Shinn's picture

I like the way you have expanded the family styles, but in a single weight and scaling.
The charming letter proportions strike a nice balance between slick contemporary type (e.g. tail on l) and slightly vernacular retro lettering.

The ogonek should probably be connected, and definitely to the right stroke of the "a", not centred. And the slash on l-slash angled.

antrepo's picture

Nick Shinn,

Thank you for your reply, you are right, the ogonek should probably be connected, also Dcaron is not typical or traditional in "Public Gothic Little". But, There are so many suggestion about scedilla in my country and many of them are better than traditional variations. i mean, my Dcaron or Aogonek much better than typical variation and i think it is useful. Of course final word of this issue should come from the Central european Designers.

Nick Shinn's picture Dcaron or Aogonek much better than typical variation and i think it is useful.

They are incorrect.

The comparison with scedilla is not valid.

It might be possible to compare the dcaron to the scedilla situation, but only with regards to a choice between the "apostrophe" form of the accent and the "acute" form. Using the v-shaped caron centred above the letter is not an option.

antrepo's picture

you may right, i will ask to CE designers, and if they say same thing, i may update it.

Nick Shinn's picture

There are some interesting "non-standard" accents designed by Preissig and Menhart.

For Polish:

antrepo's picture

Thanks Nick, it will be a great guide for us

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edit; New ogonek character added in first post.

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