Unique type face

I may have posted this months and months ago but can not find it.

Is the font in the word Drummond Company a type face or something someone originally just drew or manipulated for this very old company?

They have several newer companies under the parent company with different names, so I feel it would have to be an actual typeface.

Thanks if you can help.


My feeling is that this is a customized typeface. I can imagine it starting as something like Futura Display. Most of the letters would not require major changes to match your sample, with the C and Y being the two biggest exceptions.

Any idea how old this logo is?

- Mike Yanega

This company is probably over 75 yrs old. However, as I said, some of the newer sub companies are 10 to 20.

I will start with Futura Display and see what I can come up with. I basically need to come up with LLC (wouldn't you know I would need a C), but I can use the C in Company.

Thanks for the tip.

Dee Coggin

Can't you just mirror the existing Y in Company and then remove the unneeded part?