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I'm currently looking for letter samples of Helmuth Ehmcke, especially Elzevir and/or other fonts by the Ludwig Wagner foundry. All help is greatly appreciated.


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What a lovely specimen.

1. What date is the specimen?
2. Why long s?
3. Why the crossbar on Z?
4. I wonder what Ö and Ä look like.

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Hi Nick,

Good questions. All I know is that the sample is dated sometime in 1927.
I added a few more samples in the first post as well.


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check out this DVD: Bleisatzschriften des 20. Jahrhunderts aus Deutschland [20th century metal type from Germany]. Dan Reynolds wrote an English review of this collection of scanned specimens, compiled by Hans Reichardt. Here is a table of content (PDF) – you will at least find Ehmcke Fraktur and Ehmcke Schwabacher in it.

Reichardt also created a list of all typefaces by Ehmcke for the Klingspor-Museum. Note that Ehmcke’s full forename reads Fritz Helmut (without ‘h’).

why long s in Luftschiffhafen, or in general?
For the crossbar in ‘Z’: 1. This is common in handwriting models/script typefaces – and blackletter, and can also be found in several of these German transitional (i.e. from Fraktur to Antiqua) typefaces. 2. It helps texturing the otherwise abundant whitespace.

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3. This is common in (Polish) handwriting as replacing Zdotabove (like in my name Żurawski :)
So, please, make Z without bar as alternative (for Polish lang) to not confuse Z and Zbar (for me they are different letters).

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Printing Types of the World shows samples of Ehmcke Medieval, Medieval Italic and Medieval Bold, if that helps...

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Thank you very much.

I will keep this entry uppaterad, when I come up with new discoveries.
The DVD seems to be good investment and I'll try not to neglect the Polish language ;-)


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