Looking for a type book!

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wondering if anyone could help me find this type book i saw @ a booksale. it was like a typography collection, hardback with a PINK cover. i wish i knew the full title, but it was something with Type or Typography in it! it was about

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Was it this one?: About Face by David Jury.

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Stephen, that's a really good book.
Forgetful - even if this isn't the book you are looking for. Get it!

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It can be the Sauna book of Underware, perhaps?

http://www.nijhoflee.nl/design/typography/ (scroll down & look for pink)

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no it was more of a vibrant pink! arh it is really bugging me!!!! :-)

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Was it Texts on Type? A good collection of essays compiled by Heller and Meggs.

Texts on Type

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Stephen - Looks interesting, I'll have a look :-)

Kent, I think it might be the one?! I'm not sure so I'm going to browse around in Zwemmers bookshop. Any recommendations for bookshops with good typography/graphic design books? (in london).

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