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How come on all other web sites, if I change my default fonts in Firefox, or feed Safari a style sheet, I get the fonts I choose in the web sites I'm looking at... But in Typophile I get nothing but stinkly little Times to read, and crappy old Courier to write?


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this behaviour seems to be triggered by the erroneous value of the language attribute in the HTML element; lang="Object id #6". At least, I was able to see my user-defined fonts after I deleted that bit. There is more invalid code in there, but that is the crucial bit, in my opinion.

W3C’s Markup Validation Service states that the value of attribute "lang" [and "xml:lang"] must be a single token, i.e. [t]his attribute can not take a space-separated list of words as a value, but only one word ("token"). This may also be caused by the use of a space for the value of an attribute which does not permit it. Furthermore, the character "#" is not allowed in the value of attribute "lang".


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David —

I don’t know about feeding external stylesheets, but when I wanted to have Firefox ignore the Typophile CSS-defined fonts and display everything in my Firefox preference (when I was testing those WhitmanScreen attempts) I had to set the Preferences > Content > Fonts& Colors > Advanced ... for “Other Languages” (instead of Western) in order to have it not display the Times and Courier.

As Florian point out, there’s something funky about the Language designations for this site.

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"Other Languages", I did not try. Bless You!


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Speaking of display, does anyone know why, whenever I post a comment, my first name loses its “é” on Typophile's opening page (“Stphane Darricau 18 sec ago”) ?

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Weird, I'm getting Georgia, not Times. But then there's [Bad link], albeit with a little zoom :)

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Yeah, I've also had Georgia as text since the relaunch some years ago.

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Dan, William,

this is unrelated to the fonts defined in Typophile’s CSS.

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As Florian says, the CSS-defined font that most everyone will see here on Typophile is Georgia.

But if you try to bypass that CSS with various browser preferences — like telling Firefox not to “allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections” or directing Safari to use your own external CSS stylesheets instead — Typophile doesn’t behave as expected, because of the issues discussed above.

As David complained, instead of seeing your selections, you get a system default. Times in most cases, it seems. What I suggested above about Other Languages gets Firefox around the glitch. I don’t know if there’s code that can be written into a CSS to get Safari around it.

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