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Essay about Revivals posted at iLoveTypography

My essay on revivals is now up at I Love Typography


An enjoyable read, Bill!

Good essay! Waiting for the second part!

Thanks Craig, Cristobal!

Great article!

But why write an article about the road to the superb Williams Caslon, and then set it in Scala?

Edit: I Just discovered that it is a global setting. Nonetheless it would be nice to see the article set in a Williams Caslon web font... JMHO

Thanks, Adam! John Boardly at "I love typography" is now implementing the new web type possibilities, which I really like. Fontfont, which publishes Scala, has been early out of the box with web type, but Font Bureau it seems will soon join the move web with webtype. I designed it for high resolution, but the fact that Caslon has been printed with success in so many different processes over the centuries does make me very curious how it will adapt to the web.

ps Scala does look pretty good on the web :)