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How to design second heading

Hello. My name is Gokko. i have a web site and just designed. Also it is already incomplete.

In index, below menus part, i have presentation area that done in Flash.

Now, i have to design a few banner/presentation/advert image. So, to use true fonts are very important. For days i am searching tutorial about this subject and finally i've found here. In this way i made a decision to ask to you.

İf you analyze that presentation area, you will see other image. But in new images i want to use font/typography much more.

What do you say ? What should i do ? How must i use a font and design planning ?

Thank you.

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The rounded sans for display, with Arial for other text, are all the typefaces you need.

You could perhaps use @fontface to choose a replacement for Arial, e.g. a sans which has a lighter weight.

You like to work with type by colouring and over-laying -- nothing wrong with that (and your site has great colour and movement) -- but don't overdo it: try to make the content of your site the star, not over-elaborate typography and design.