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(x) Help identifying a font / 'Strictly Rhythm' - not a font {Riccardo, Justin}


I was hoping someone could help me - I'm currently trying to find the name of this font:


And then a free download to re-create it for a project.

If anyone can help, it's very much appreciated!


1) It could very well being handwritten and not a font.
2) If it is a font, either you'll want the exact one OR you'll want a free one which could be similar.

In the latter case, you could try this:

I’ll move this thread to the appropriate place, the Type ID Board.

This NY record label was established in 1989 & the logo was designed then too.

Definitely not a digital font. The original looks like it was drawn with a marker pen. You might find something close in the grafitti categories of free font sites like the one linked to.