OurType Parry and FF Legato in the wild?

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I'm narrowing down a type recommendation, and now I'd like to see something more natural than a specimen sheet. have any of your critical eyes found these two faces in use:

  • OurType’s Parry
  • FF Legato
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For Parry see:
Artur Schmal's website, if you get in touch with him, he most likely has pictures with Parry samples in use.
Pluto Media redesigned the Boston Home mag: Plutomedia
Identity of Unversity of Groningen: G2K designers

hope this helps...

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FontShop's Legato page has a couple of examples. And there's this lovely one: http://typophile.com/node/29064

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thanks for the clues, guys. I'll follow those leads and see if I can get my hands on some ink and paper.

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