(x) DVACK Logo Font - Jefferson aka Freehand 575 {Florian}

Hey everyone, I've been working to help my employers compile a folder with all of our organization's partner companies' logos. Unfortunately, some of those companies who are non-profit, do not have the best system for their logos.

Thus, I've been unofficially commissioned to essentially recreate them to have them in higher quality and an editable format.

I've already recreated the symbol part of this logo, but I haven't been able to identify the font-face, which I will need to know if I am to make an exact remake.

Any and all help is extremely appreciated!

[EDIT] I apologize for the low quality and small size of the font, but that's the reason I'm redoing it, that's the largest size of the logo we currently have available. [/EDIT]


Identifont says FF Tartine Script TF is close, and I'd agree, but there are too many differences for it to be the exact font. Personally, I've found that a few glyphs from Freestyle Script are very close.

As more background on the logo, it couldn't have been made more than a few years ago, 15 years tops. It was made, if not for the web, then with emphasis on digital usage.

I doubt it was done with a professional or expensive font, as DVACK is a NPO (non-profit organization), and the logo was most likely done by a volunteer. That being said, no one really knows who designed it originally, so it's possible the font is an expensive one (or maybe even a custom one, though I highly doubt that).

This is Jefferson aka Freehand 575.

Thank you so much Florian, you're a life-saver!

You are welcome.