(x) Can anyone help: what is this font? / 'Liam Neeson: Taken' - similar to Bank Gothic , Eurostile {Dave W}


I have a client that wants me to use the font from the movie 'Taken' (http://www.britfilms.tv/v3/user_files/Image/TakenQuad2.jpg),
I can't quite work out what the font is and was hoping somebody could help....!?!?

Many thanks



For the title itself? Bank Gothic or similar, possibly slightly stretched.
For Liam Neeson's name and the slogan, variants of Eurostile perhaps?

Yes dtw for the title 'TAKEN', I don't have those font's installed so I am using monaco/geneva or thonburi bold and stretched in Illustrator...seem to be pretty close!

Thanks for your help

Just tested Bank Gothic Medium against this (with stretching to approx 140%) and it's close but not spot on. Perhaps Morris Sans? Perhaps one of these but with some manual tweaking by the designer aterwards!