(x) Old geometric sans serif - but which? - various suggestions {gang}

My darlings.
Can anyone guess what this is?
The sample is from around first half of 20th century, set in lead type.
Any clues?


Twentieth Century?

It is not, but Telegrafico Regular might be a solution.

Not Telegrafico, Futura Serie BQ-Medium or Futura Serie BQ-Medium SC are very close, not quite on as the R and the M don't quite match, but everything else is extraordinarily similar.


Must be a member of that family.

[EDIT] I'm thinking Futura Classic Normal was right, all the glyphs match as I look at them. [/EDIT]

Thanks everyone!
I agree that this would seem to be a Futura variant of sorts, with a non-Futural R, and some other bits that look a little, well, odd. The proportions seem slightly unusual, maybe that's what kept me thinking it's not a Futura. The Futura BQ-Medium SC is a good suggestion though. Much appreciated!

Any time. I'd honestly say that the font is too smooth-edged to be Metallophile or Tempo, I'm nearly positive it's a somewhat customized version of Futura Classic Normal


But if the Futura Serie family interests you, you might want to check out BQ-Book SC

Oh I'm not mentioning those as matches, I'm offering them as alternatives if the asker is interested in getting a similar look.

Oh, my apologies, I misunderstood.