Decorative sans, used in Sola Sound logo (London, 1969)

Anybody know this one? I'm aware it might be hand-lettering...


Yes, probably hand drawn given the different 'O's. The shapes made me think of Absinthe tho that is more art nouveau than tiki.

Couldn't the differences be caused by the poor print quality?

It could be a typeface (and the differences due to overprint), but probably it wasn't digitised.

Yeah, I that's what I thought. I'm still interested in the font's name, though.

I looked in some old Photo-Lettering catalogs and nothing looked particularly close. It's hard to define this style, because it has Art Nouveau-like curves, yet the S is not very typical of Nouveau lettering I have seen. Stephen mentioned 'tiki' and I guess I see that, but I couldn't find many examples that were not the current crop of digital ones.

- Mike Yanega

Right, it's not quite Art Noveau. I can imagine it in a horror-context with its pointy corners.