"Eary" enough?

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Hi everyone,

i'm currently doing a complete redesign for a programming and design agency starting with the logo. It's name is a composite of the german words 'netz' (means net) and 'elf' (means eleven and elf). Despite the latter has two meanings, 'elf' (the little guys with the long ears) is adequate.

Thinking about how to express an elf i only could find the ear as unique for it. As the sign will be used in very small sizes (12x12px) for icons and such it has to be quite simple. So heres my try (The tag line means 'agency for good image'):

As this seems not "eary" enough to me i tried a little modification:

I would love to hear what you think of my attempts and if you like it :)

Do you perhaps have some other ideas how to express an elf?

Thanks a lot,

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The nearness of the tz pair (and similarly the tu, ru in the subhead) is too tight. I appreciate that the spacing below is right, but I think you have to consider that those spots are distracting.

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Clever name and slogan!

Unfortunately, the first thing I saw was the blue flame of a gas stove. I'd assume that giving a quasi-monochrome pointy shape a striking resemblance to the tip of an elf's intricate ear is difficult if not impossible. What's probably true though is that pointy ears are what first comes to most peoples' mind first when thinking of elves.

Of course, you can always go with the entire ear:

Haha :P ... well at least I tried. I'll think hard and try to come up with something more useful.

One thing though: on my screen, the "Agentur für guten Eindruck" looks flimsy at best. I don't mind the type, but screen display probably matters here, so maybe play around with that too.

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Thanks for your comments :)

@Miss Tiffany: Is it much to tight or just a bit? What you think of this a little more wide version (t<->z, t<->u, r<->u, t<->e)?:

@sebastian Thank you :) I asked around a lot what people see with that and - unfortunately - almost all did not see an ear (Mostly they thought it's a 1). But at least they saw the ear when they were told that it is one.

The problem with an entire isolated ear is that it's very hard to combine with an serious logo and it's shape is much more complex than just the tip what makes it complicated to optimize it for lower sizes. Also i don't have an idea of how to glue it togehther with the rest of the logo. BUT: When you have some fresh idea i would love to hear about it.

Thanks for your approach above - despite it might not yet be suitable for the logo i like it :)

About the flimsyness of the tag line: Its font is the Continuum Light (The logo font is Continuum Medium with the right corner of the e rounded). I find the next weight Continuum Medium to fat (At least with it the elegance from the light one is lost):

And i'm not a very experienced type designer who could put just a little bit more weight on the light version without breaking it :(

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The last version is better. A hair helped. And the bolder weight in the subhead helps, I think, as well. I might nudge 'tu' in 'Agentur' and 'gu' in 'guten' closer. And 'fü' in 'für' a little farther apart. Hmm... and the 'ru' in 'Eindruck' now feels a little loose.

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