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Joined: 29 Jul 2010 - 12:23am
First Logo

Hey everybody, I'm new to the community, and to logo design..this is my first in fact. I would really appreciate any constructive critiques and/or advice. Attached are the two versions I have so far. (possible colors to be added later) Please let me know what you think.

Company info:
Start-up cupcake bakery, specializing in classic, tasty and pretty cupcakes.


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Hi Jess,

Harsh crit:
Personally, I would reevaluate the quality of the 'owl' illustration first. Adding the graphic element likely means you're not looking for a purely typographic solution, which is fine, but I think that element needs to be able to take visual priority and communicate, not simply get lost in squiggles... In my mind nothing here jives with the three descriptors used to define the bakery. Instead, it reminds me of some slap-dash internet anime. The quality and conglomeration of the rendering, pun, typeface selection and the objective are all at odds with one another, and no single element is worth retaining.

Useful(?) direction:
If you're not using some kind of cultural reference already, I would recommend looking for examples of some script type in 1940's fashion magazines. The pun leads me to believe there should be some air of decadence or refinement. Perhaps the entire mark could be visualized as a piece of delicate ribbon?

I won't comment on the competency of these marks, but I think these are approaching the ballpark you are aiming for:

Looking forward to seeing your progress.