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Hi there my idea generating forum friends,

I have a Physiotherapist who needs a logo for her upcoming website and business cards - starting to get more clients etc etc. After some brief discussion as to what the brand values / message should be, she wants simple, premium, friendly. It is based in a reasonably affluent town so the clientele would most likely be well-off (hence the premium aspect).

My worry is that it doesn't come across immediately as a 'Physiotherapist' but I was finding it hard to do this without resorting to glib, cliched hands, spines and muscle references, none of which really sum up physio. The curve of the 'A' is a subtle allusion to the spine but nothing more.

The attached is the final of a few ideas and the one I was most happy with as far as hitting the brief went. I'm sure it could be improved and bettered so please fire away! *straps flack jacket on*

Many thanks

alpine_physio_logo.pdf425.31 KB
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Hi Chris

I like the combined 'A' and 'P' design, looks really nice, and also like the subtlety of the idea of a curved spine. I don't think the logo necessarily needs to say 'physiotherapist' anyway - could work just aswell without doing. Not 100% on the type curving around it though - perhaps the design should be allowed to breathe without other elements distracting attention. Perhaps simply placing the type underneath?

Hope this is some help


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Hi Rachel,

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I know it was some time ago and I have only been working on it on and off but recently re-visited it on the request of the client wishing to incorporate a 'Alpine' mountain sort of aspect into the design. I was worried it would end up looking a bit glib so after some playing around with ideas, settled on a subtle use of negative space and strong shapes to give the suggestion of mountains/peaks. I also put the words underneath as you suggested.

I think it needs Physiotherapy in it or it's not clear what it is for!

Anyway, if you or anyone else reads this, I'd be happy to hear responses.


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I think...this logo is just wrong in a lot of ways.

it's too large to be used effectively (particularly in contrast to text sizing.
it feels cold and rather old, I don't know about everyone else, but I want my medical/alternative therapies businesses to be, welcoming, with a touch of energy and modernity.



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