Greater Albion Launches Corton

Greater Albion Typefounders has just launched 'Corton' a pair of display Roman small capitals faces.

Corton was inspired by the traditional lettering on a gravestone in an English village. While that might sound a rather solemn beginning, Corton has wonderfully lively air, with distinctive lively serifs and beautifully swashed downstrokes. Two faces are offered-regular and titular. Between them they are ideal signage and display faces, merging 'olde-worlde' charm and fun character.

Corton is currently available through Myfonts, and is offered at a 35% introductory discount.

Steven Acres's picture

Beautiful. I could see some nice applications for this. The "2" sticks out for me a bit, it looks more awkward than the rest, but great work overall.

Rasendyll's picture

Steven, Thanks for your kind words......maybe you've got something about the "2", perhaps we'll give it some more thought when we expand the family...

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