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This is my first attempt at a serious typeface, and here is my first "draft". It still needs a lot of overall polishing, but i'm having a very hard time with some of the letterforms, in particular: v,s,z,r,e and x.

monolinear font

Opinions and suggestions will be very welcome.

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I think it looks quite nice already.
I like the idea of 'connecting' a horizontal stroke to a vertical one. Maybe you should try implementing this kind of connection into more letters. The conventional script-y connection adds confusion to letter-pairs like 'ui', 'wn' and 'um'. Another possibilty is to not connect some letters.

There are some inconsistencies regarding the horizontal proportions (widths). Lowercase 'e', for example, looks too wide.

Another observation. In 'q', 'y' and 'g', the two bowls touch each other. I think you should have some more space between the bowls.

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I also see a problem with your g vs. your q: The bottom loop on cursive q goes around the other
way. I don't think the lack of an ear on the g would be enough to disambiguate guilt and quilt.

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good points, both of you.

my problem with both c and e is incorporating the connector into the letter, as opposed to the extra loop in most letters. when put next to a non-connecting letter (v and r in the previous example, it does look too wide.)


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