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Joined: 1 Feb 2002 - 4:01am
F.I.S. Logo Type

This type design is was designed for a company that pressure washes large commercial trucks and industrial
sites. Icon still in works.
One challenge was to make this match former logo.
I did former logo a year ago when company was called Pressure Washers. Name was changed as company got a lot of requests from people wanting to buy pressure washing equipment, so old identity/business has remained but now sells equipment. text for collateral and promotional materials will be set in Henrik Kubel’s Klampenborg. The type face I designed for this project is based on Klampenborg.

F.I.S. Logotype

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Interesting face

The slanted stroke endings make me a little uneasy. Maybe they could work better if they integrated more with adjacent letters. Ole, it is hard to say. The “I” for example has 3 dimensional quality and a flat quality at the same time.???? I guess as always my instict would be to simplify the typeface more. The R doesn’t need so many angles in it’s terminal. Or maybe it does. Some variations would be nice to see. Still a very fresh looking face. Reminds me of a Din AG combo.