(x) Numerals and Typeface - H&FJ Numbers Strasse {Marc O}

Hi everyone,

I was reading the last issue of the Monocle Magazine, and come across a set of numerals they are using in the section talking about the 25 best city worldwide. I can figure it out.
What typeface is that? The numerals are so nicely detailed and yet bold and classy.

Can anyone help?
If needed I can figure out a way to upload an img of the numerals.

Thank you very much

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I think we will need to see some samples, if you can post a .gif or .jpg image showing the most distinctive numerals that would help a lot.

- Mike Yanega

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These is the best I can do right now.
I will see if I can take a better photo later.

I think the most distinctive are the 5 and 7

Thank you for your help

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Looks like one of the Torino variations to me.

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I will start looking into that.

Thank you

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This is Numbers Strasse from H&FJ's Numbers collection, "modeled after the glazed ceramic tiles commonly used for house numbers throughout Central Europe":


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Woo, I checked H&F website saw it.

Thank you very much for your help.
Those are beautiful numbers aren't they?

Thanks Marcox

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