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Mystery Bergling-esque Script

The designers here at my work, we have been having a problem. We constantly get customer artwork to redraw for our process, and more often than not, we end up having to trace fonts. This gets tedious and time-consuming especially with scripts.

Our product sees a lot of use in weddings and we end up tracing this font a lot.


I'm not sure that anyone has digitized this particular John M. Bergling opus; however, here are some other digital versions of his work...



Ahhhh it IS a Bergling.... the image is a screenshot of the few that I have traced so far. I had named the file Bergling Script months ago because I had done some research before, but couldnt find any font files today.

But I hope someone can still find a match to my screenshot...

bump ?

I'm not sure that anyone has digitized this particular John M. Bergling opus

Evidently, no one else knows, either...

I have had many requests to ID these vertical monogram fonts, which I suspected existed in the form of engraving plates used by stationers so that they could offer something NOT available in digital form. Some of these clients insisted that they have seen this lettering in many formats, so they seem convinced there is a digital font, but I have not found this exact style anywhere. Perhaps someone has designed a digital version that they sell only to stationers, but I find that idea hard to accept.

Harold Lohner's Vine Monograms is the most similar font I am aware of.

- Mike Yanega