Ultra Gothic

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I'm working on a gothic typeface. At the moment I just intend on designing an ultra weight. Attached are the characters designed thus far. Looking for some critique and advice on how get the letterforms to fit with each other a bit better.

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Seems to me like fit between letters will require, first off, some work on optically balancing the weights.
I think you've got quite a challenge to get a two-story /g/ into this weight of a font. Presently it looks like a bold glyph dropped in among ultra black letters. You can see why so many designers resort to a single story structure at this kind of weight--there's just not the vertical room to stack up four thick strokes.
Terminals of /C/ and /c/ are also worth reviewing. Getting enough breathing room under the tittles in confined ascender space is another problem ahead of you.
Basically these are the classic challenges of an ultrabold sans, and reviewing how they are addressed in others' previous attempts will be helpful.

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Thanks Craig.
Did some more work on that two story g. I can see why one would resort to a single story g here, but I think it's important enough to the character of the face that I want to stick with the two story.
Have been looking at both Titling Gothic Black and Franklin Gothic Heavy as example of successfully dealing with such heavy gothics.

Mostly worked on the /S/ /o/ /O/ /G/ /Q/ and numerals since last posting

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