Leiden Sans

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Current Specimen Sheet: http://typophile.com/files/SpecSheet.pdf

This is a project I have had in the works for a little bit of time now. It is named after the city where I have spent the most time developing it.

Your comments on it would be most appreciated.

Kind regards

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The cut details in top and bottom of stems are interesting. Just some quick observations: (a) S needs work, its curves seem irregular; (b) r is too wide; (c) your ft ligature actually appears to be a long s+t ligature. Even if you don't include long s in the font, this may be confusing.

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I've changed it around a little but to make it a bit more refined. The kerning is still wrong: especially at small sizes it looks too cramped, and the width of the space is too wide. But in any event, I would appreciate your opinions on this latest revision.

http://typophile.com/files/Type Specimen.pdf

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I'd like to see a bit less weight on the horizontals. looks lovely though, nice one!
see you are from gold coast? I'm studying in Brisbane, nice to see another student(?) from my neck of the woods working on type design.

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New Revision (12/Sept/2010): http://typophile.com/files/SpecSheet.pdf

This version differs significantly from the ones I have uploaded previously. Strokes now thin when they near the verticals, giving the font a look that reminds me of the Danish State Railways (DSB) font, and, for some odd reason, Kontrapunkt.

Your comments would be most appreciated on how this is progressing!

Kind regards

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Good overall feel, looks especially good at larger sizes. I like the m, o and a especially and the cuts on the m, n, etc. look great.

Not entirely keen on the w; I think the right hand stem makes it look too much like an upside down m. The bowl of the uppercase R seems a tiny bit too tall - I'd like to see it maybe a little bit smaller to make it less identical to that of the P (looking at word 'APPROACHES' here). The f seems to interact somewhat awkwardly with the other letters ('fun', 'coffee', 'shuffle) but maybe some looser spacing would help this.

Coming along nicely!
- Claire

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