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A friend and I are designing a website to be used for a software development company. The font chosen is in the attached image. My knowledge regarding fonts is pretty subpar but the font doesn't really strike me as suitable for a software development company.

If you guys have any ideas for fonts that could work here, it'll be great. I'm not looking for something overly techy persay (although I'm up for suggestions), just something that'll will work for a software firm.

I'm not averse to paying for a font, however I would prefer something free or not too expensive (I'm happy to pay $30 but not much more at this point in time).

Sorry if I've been a bit vague. Any ideas will be much appreciated.

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I don't have any new suggestions I'm sorry, but you're right about what you have now, It's very "vingate kitchen appliance". And nothing but the O and N actually join up which seems to defeat the purpose of having a script-style typeface.

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A squarish sans might suit your needs. Have a look at Breuer Text!

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On the other hand, you could play up the sub-discrete-component-level aspect of "Electronics" with something like this...

(just kidding)

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Thanks for the suggestions. I was searching around and came across Zekton. I'm really happy with it's look with all letters in lowercase.

Although that Circuit Bored font has a certain charm about... ;)

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It’s hard to give good advice unless you tell us more about the firm and how they want to come across to their potential customers, but I think this one might be just a little too techy (as in y2k) for a software developement company.

Here are some other squarish fonts from Ray’s massive catalog:

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You example looks like a car or appliance nameplate!

Try Kontrapunkt.

Ypu'll have to shell out zero dollars, euros, dinars, etc. for it.

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