modular font logo

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this is a modular font that i was working on derived from a single curvy shape..
i hope to use it for tickets, displays, flags, banners and so on

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It's totally illegible and I can't imagine it will ever be readable. More importantly, what's the point? Why would you want to make a font by repeating this corn-flake shape?

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actually the point is to make it difficult to decode and sensually puzzling so to challenge people to have it grow for them
now that i've tried the cornflake shape i am thinking of a different module.. maybe popcorn or babycorns.. or maybe it's time for me to move to iowa

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I don't think people want, or are willing, to work that hard to read something.

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iffy: I second that. you have but a few precious seconds to grab someone. keep it simple, but clever.

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