Starcraft 2 Trailer Font

Hi everyone,

what is the font in Starcraft 2 Trailer "Ghost of the past"?

Thanks for answer.



In Firefox 3.6/Vista, your link doesn't work because "href" is missing from the initial anchor tag...

@iamcorey: thank you for the fix.

It's pretty similar to Stratum 2 Bold with the R leg moved towards the stem. This squared sans look is becoming almost generic and (overly) popular, so this might even be a freebie font somewhere.

- Mike Yanega

Looks like a lighter version of ATF Poster Gothic; a true-to-the-original version is here...

Unfortunately the posted sample doesn't show enough letters to see how good either suggested match is. The middle arm of the E in Nick's font is short and the closed C and S are not much like many of the techno fonts, since this typeface dates back to the 30's.

- Mike Yanega