(x) What is the typeface used for the titles and credits in the film "Little Children", 2006 - Packard Antique {Florian}

The typeface is similar to EF windsor which Woody Allen used for his film titles and credits.
However there are subtle differences. Please Help. Thanks.



If it's the same as the face used on the poster, then Bauer Bodoni.

Thanks for the guess, alas not the one... Here is the link (on IMDB) to Little Children's trailer; http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi1553137945/

The typeface I'm trying to identify appears at the end of this trailer.

Thanks for anyone's help!

It’s a Baskerville.


Thanks for the thought on Baskerville, alas... I looked through 300 Baskerville variations on fonts.com, no luck on a match.

But apologies are in order. I've given all folks the wrong clue. The trailer doesn't seem to have the same typeface as in the titles and credits for the film. My blunder...

If anyone has the dvd of the film, it's worth a watch. And if you have any thoughts on the typeface, let me know.

Thanks for your efforts...

It might be Mrs Eaves, kind of a Baskerville.



I appreciate the thought on Mrs. Eaves...still not the one in the film. Neither is the poster typeface the same as the type in the film. A mystery! Thanks.

If that's it, I think it is Mrs. Eaves, a bit “eaten” away by the black background, but still.

Florian and Ruben...

Thanks for the input, but still not it. Florian's text comes from either the poster or the trailer, not the titles and credits from the film. You have to see the actual film to identify the typeface. I wish it were otherwise. Still looking...

well, you wrote:

here is the link (on IMDB) to Little Children's trailer […] The typeface I'm trying to identify appears at the end of this trailer.

I've attached some screenshots from the actual movie. I hope this helps.

Now we’re talking! That’s the freebie Packard Antique.
LTC Pabst Oldstyle is a quality alternative. More distressed Text Serifs.

Akos and Florian...

Bravo! Nice work! Both of you nailed it! It's Packard Antique.

Any suggestions as to where I can download the complete font library for Packard Antique. A free or low cost site would be appreciated, as it's for a non-profit org.

A related question for Akos: how were you able to get an image from the titles or credits of the film? Apparently you were able to capture and save individual frames from a dvd. What software was used? Is it available for the PC?

Thanks for your efforts!

Florian's post contains a link to a free version of Packard.

- Lex

I used VLC but I guess most media players are capable of capturing video frames nowadays.

Here’s a clean version by Nick Curtis: Packard Patrician NF.

Lex, Akos, and Florian...

Great help! Thanks for the efforts. This is a great site, and you folks are proof that it works.

All the best!!!