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Early Vogue Script Typeface

A bit of a tricky one, a script typeface taken from a vintage copy of vogue.

Its most likely that it is hand drawn type created in-house, but does anybody have any idea what this script typeface is / know of any around that have similar properties?

Forgive the mostly poor quality of the image.



I don't believe it's quite Roundhand, the F, D, s, i and l don't match up, but the image quality does leave something to be desired.

I'll look into it, see if I can't dig something up.

[EDIT] It looks very similar in many ways to Shelley Script Volante. I still don't think this is quite right as the stroke off the top of the "D" doesn't cross into the main loop (which is very distinct). I'd guess it might even be a customized version of Shelley. [/EDIT]