Which font is this? URGENT

Hy guys

I have to know which font is this, I already try
with Identifont and the results doesnt match

G is like Bliss, but the M and N have a little serif on the left top
Please help me!



This is PF Square Sans Pro by Parachute.

[EDIT] It does seem to be customized somewhat, but I'm nearly positive that's the base font. [/EDIT]

Nah. Just because of that ‘w’?

And the M and the N...and the a

Wow, I don't really know what I was thinking. Yesterday, I would have sworn that PF Square was a near perfect match, but you're right Florian, it's totally different. There are only a few similarities.

Those extra serifs on the M and N aren't a huge deal, that could easily be a customization, but the r, c, h and e really aren't that similar at all. That's a total fault on my part.. Back to the drawing board so to speak.

There is some similarity to FF Milo by Mike Abbink; especially in the w and S, but the g and the a are different. And the ends of all strokes seem rounded. But there is a kinship in the skeleton.