Mesrine trailer typeface

What is the name of this compressed sans-serif typeface? It's from the trailer of Mesrine Killer Instinct (

The closest I get is Knockout from Hoefler & Frere-Jones but it is not quite right (compare the S's).

If someone can name the other typefaces used in the trailer that would be fun as well :-)


Hi Reimund-

My first instinct was Gothic by Red Rooster (, but it's too wide, and the K and S are both wrong. You mentioned Hoefler's Knockout, which it's not, but Champion Featherweight (also by Hoefler, is better, the K, S and " are very close indeed.


I think you are correct, it's probably Champion Gothic! I actually looked at Champion Gothic as well, besides Knockout. I must have looked at the wrong weight or something though, because I thought it was a bit off :)


EDIT: What about the challenge to find the other faces? For instance the one used for the big MESRINE title in the end? :)


If you can post screencaps of the other faces, I'm sure we can identify them between us.

That one looks like Futura Extrabold or maybe Twentieth Century.

- Lex

Twentieth Century sure is close. But looking closely on the N, where the crossbar meets with the stems, it looks more like Futura Extra bold.