"Organic" humanist sans serif typeface

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Hi again,

I'm on a (rather quick) quest for a quirky/organic humanist sans serif in a heavy weight. The word I'm setting is "Coffey," so bonus points for a nice ff ligature.

On my list:
Hypatia Sans (if I can figure out where to buy it)
Lapidaria Sans
FF Advert
FF Scala

Of all these, Candara is closest to what I'm looking for, but doesn't have a heavy enough weight. Beorcana would be the other, but it might be too "quirky" for this particular job.

Help! :)

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On the left Agilita, on the right Finnegan.

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Perhaps you'd like to consider our Giacomo 2.0:

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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I'm adding Urbana, Agilita and Giacomo to the list.

Here's what I particularly like in Candara, and what I'm looking for (but in a heavier weight).

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Both FF Legato (Bold, it’s quite dark) or FF Balance (Black) by Evert Bloemsma should fit the bill, although as far as I can tell neither has an ff ligature.

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Didn't know about Productus. Legato also fits the bill nicely. Thanks, Florian and Antonio.

Still undecided, but getting closer. My favorites so far: Legato, Productus, Candara, Beorcana.

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ITC Mixage by Novarese is an older font that has flaring strokes.

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Hey Craig: good call on Mixage, I haven’t seen it used much and it’s a face that I have always thought had been severely underexposed.

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Nice one, Nick! (Italics coming anytime soon?)

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I haven't even thought of doing them, so no, not anytime soon.

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does Chianti go heavy enough for you?

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and you should be able to buy Hypatia Sans here.

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Yes, Chianti fits. (Thanks for the Hyaptia link as well.)

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