Chance to win $1200! Robots' outer cover design contest announced by PAL Robotics

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If you are a designer, here is a great opportunity for you to win $1200:

Just submit a graphic design or pencil sketch of outer cover design of PAL Robotics next generation of humanoid robots and enter a contest to win $1200, $600, and $200 as first, second, and third prize respectively. For submission and more details, visit

To know more about PAL Roboits, please visit

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couldnt they get a Humanoid Robot to design the cover design? :)

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This is called "working on speculation" and is considered by many to be highly irresponsible, unprofessional and even disrespectful to the practice. It takes advantage of young designers trying to enter the field and devalues what we do as professionals. If you want a quality product, find the right person for the job, and pay them their fee. As you would a doctor or lawyer.

I cannot speak for others, and I do not fully understand what social media "strategy" is, but from my experience here, I do not think this is the place one goes to create a profile to announce logo contests and hope to get a good deal. On top of that, I am fairly certain isn't the place to advertise your new robot company.

You will however find hundreds, if not thousands or people with a very keen and diverse set of interests around the field of typography who will be more than willing to provide you with advice, consultation &c which may even lead to a lasting professional relationship.

For more reading on spec-work and design ethics:

And many professional design association such as The Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario, American Institute of Graphic Arts and the Graphic Designers of Canada will have job posting boards and resources to help you find the right client for the job.

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These aren't the designers you're looking for.

You can go about your business.

Move along... move along.

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This is a contest to design the appearance of the REEM-C robot. Previously there was a contest to design the REEM-H.

I didn't enter either of these contests.

I'm waiting for the REEM-R.

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This is not about forcing anybody to enter the contest, specially concerned about Christorpher's comments.. If someone wins, he or she may be hired too, but it's all about choice of person whether he enters the contest or not!

I just wanted to convey the contest deadline has been extended. Anybody willing to participate is still welcome, and visit Life in the Robotics Lab Contest

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"If someone wins, he or she may be hired too…"

That's even more manipulative that asking someone to work on spec. Not to mention shamelessly bumping your own post.

Ask any freelance designer how many times they have heard a client say "I know the budget for this job is small, but if it goes over well, there may be lots more work for you in the future!"

I suggest making a facebook page for this.

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I agree with Christopher. It's one thing for a charity or non-profit to ask for spec work, but this sounds like a profit-making company that just doesn't want to pay professional wages.

I doubt if they'd ask a bunch of accountants or electricians or plumbers to work under a similar arrangement, but somehow it's okay to ask designers to work that way.

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I've tried to hire plumbers this way. I sent out a Craigslist post "Win $100! Just come and replumb my bathroom, kitchen and wash room! Winner also gets the rare privilege of adding my house to their portfolio". I still haven't gotten any takers. :(

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I can't believe I'm bumping this silly thread, but I just had to thank you for a good laugh on a bad day. "Craigslist…" I needed that.

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