Guido, a gothic type from Italy

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I've made a basic (very basic) font based on an italian gothic script. At the moment I've included lowercase letters, some contextual alternates, basic punctuation and common accented glyph for italian.

[for some reasons I can't insert images: you can see the pdf and my flickr page]

This 'gotica corsiva' was used in XIV century to write books in italian language, hence the copies of Dante's Commedia, etc. are written in that way.

You can find images on the web, searching for 'gotica corsiva'

You can download my version of it, called guido, here: (SIL open font license:

guido-lapo-io.pdf57.93 KB
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Looks great!

Consider including an ſs contextual ligature. Historically, when s appears as a pair, the long s (ſ) is followed by a 'short' s.

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Thanks Raymond,
in the next revision I will change the double longs issue.

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