Contextual Alternates gone Wrong--or, Fun with Froggy Swash Tail.

Sometimes you just do stuff for fun and the learning process. Here is a first cut on what will become Froggy Swash. That flying frog tongue which leaps out some great distance and snatches an unassuming bug off a lilly pad was the motivation. Also, a little fun poked at {calt} use in this day and age.



nice - i like the 'gg' lig!

Thanks, Simon. That part was done in 2006.

Great work.
The Swash has free jump where they wants. Like the frog, as you say. Breakthroughs ligature. Funny and very exciting !!

Thanks, Andi!

Very clever. Not sure how useful it is, but it's entertaining. I'm imagining what you would have done if you'd named it something else, like Wiggle or Giggle or Piggy or Juggler or...

:-) Thanks, Mark! Now you have my wheels turning!