Boston College font


I think it's named as "BC Eagles Bold" It was developed for the Boston College Eagles Athletic Department by Nike from 2000-01 until 2011-12. And to me, it nearly looks like a merged combo mix of Impact or Compacta with either Narrowbrand Prime or Blahaus (all italic and bold). After all, it is a custom font design for that university.

Sorry, can’t help you with the BC logo type. But the rest of the site uses various weights of Compacta as display type. And the numbers on the program are Bank Gothic.

The cap S is reminiscent of Berthold City with the absolute crap skewed out of it. Given the uneven widths and clunky appearence of the various characters, perhaps it’s a custom job.

As for the use of Bank Gothic, if you download the PDF of the media guide from the Fans Only site, you discover that they’re using SSI’s infamous Bank Gothic knockoff called Fortis Caps, not the real thing.

The “numbers” I was mentioning on the second site was the jersey numbers sorry — it’s in the same font as the “Boston College”
…just can’t find a font with the bottom right & top left corners rounded and the top right & bottom left pointed…

any other ideas?

Some of the numbers of Big Whiskey from Shy Fonts are similar.


“bottom left and top right rounded”
“top right & bottom left pointed… ”

the description makes me think of Grant’s
Narrowbrand Prime

you might also look at