Readable or non-readable "B" and "D"

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I'm having one dilemma.

Do you find that those "B" and "D" are readable or non-readable?
Does they look to you more like some ligatures or recognizable letters "B" and "D" ?


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B looks like 13, specially on the light weight.
D looks like D

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Thanks Pablo.

Back on thinking.

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I think it looks like a B, but it’s very much dependent on the context.

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This is one old sketch done very quickly then, so there are a lot irregularities in overall layout and whole concept.

A couple of people told me that /B/ and /D/ would look very strange and not enough recognizable as those letters. So that started bugging me more and more.

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I think it’s the right-pointing lower terminal (also seen in b) which appears problematic.

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What Frode said.
Have you tried having the bottom-left corner of those two characters just as a single curve? (ie, not separate strokes; keeping that characteristic curl at the foot, but then running straight on into the bowl?)

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