(x) Old Helvetica cut? - Scandia {self (Stian S)}

This is most likely some form of Helvetica, but i can't seem to find any information on it. It looks more or less like a cross between Helvetica Neue + Railway Alphabet + Akzidenz Grotesk.. I know it was used quite extensively across the Norwegian railway network in the 80's, and i can recall seeing it in print in magazines from the same decade.

Most people would probably pass it for a regular Helvetica cut, but i know it isn't (just have a look at the lower case 'a' and 's').. I've seen numbering as well, though i can't find any examples; all i know is that the numbers look even more like Akzidenz, though not quite..

I reckon it looks perfect for signage, so I would really like to know if it exists in digital form. Any help would be appreciated :)



As a former Compugraphic 8400 operator, I must disagree. The sample shown is NOT the Shannon which was designed for Compugraphic; this is...


nor is it Triumvirate, which was Compugraphic's knock-off of Helvetica.

It is definitely not GGX88 either, Nick!

Are you sure it is isn't just a modified Helvetica?
Strange that the a and c have angular terminals, the s horizontal.

thanks for all the help, but i'm still not sure i've found it.
Another example here: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ab/Lorenskogstasjon.jpg

I think that the second sample has wider characters and the 'o' looks rounder, do you not think?

problem solved; it's called "Scandia". Can't find it anywhere though... :(

How did you find out?

intricate googling :) searched for 'nsb' (railway company), 'helvetica' and 'myriad' (current corporate font of the company), and found an old forum discussing previous fonts used by nsb..

Alright, thanks.

Interesting, shame we don't know more.