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Hi folks,

I'm new on here so excuse any blunders or assumptions i might make in my plea for help. I've just finished designing a logo for a client and was just about to get started on some stationary as you do and realised I've been using the same set of fonts for way too long.

I'm asking for a bit of help with type selection to work as part of an identity, so initially stationary and a small brochure. The job is for a client who is about to open a Pilates studio on the UK's South coast. She's got uninterrupted views from the studio out to sea hence the concept for the logo.

I was looking for sans serif that wasn't too slight/condensed to compliment the curves of Hermes used in the logo. But I'm totally open to all suggestions, that's why I'm here.

Hopefully the logo and the nature of the clients work gives you enough to go on. If not I'm happy to give you more to go on.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Thanks Steven,

I quite like the Neu and Fein in that family but I think i could get pretty much the same look using Avenir.

Nice suggestion though.

Thanks, anyone else?

Forgot to add, any feedback on the logo more than welcome too.

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I like the logo. I think the spacing would be improved if you move the A a little to the left.

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I find that the width of the S and R, and to a lesser extent the E, tend to make the circular window look a bit small, like a porthole.
It seems to me that if one is leveraging the circularity of "O" as a graphic shape, the best type choice is invariably Futura (or Avant Garde, or as mentioned, Avenir), which continue the geometric quality. Perhaps this is a rather obvious and banal logic, but the simplest solution is often the best. Occam. Why sweat it? -- the real work is the image in the O.

I like the quality of breadth in the logo, but that is a result of the wide letterspacing as much as of the extended typeface.

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Very helpful (and kind) feedback, much appreciated, will look at that spacing. I find the finite tweaking of logos quite difficult - it's nic

I like the sound of Futura and will also re-visit Avenir since you agree.

Thanks again.

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