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Three New Fonts: Aylward, Letterpress Gothic, BigBlok

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Three New Fonts: Aylward, Letterpress Gothic, BigBlok

We've released several new fonts since I last visited Typophile, so here's a quick update.

Aylward Font

I seem to still be operating in the mode of fonts based on Victorian era advertising cuts, and Aylward fits in that tradition, based on several variants of the same style of wood type. Aylward is a bold display face with exaggerated serifs and some unusual features like the really unique design of the “A” and the spiral forms on the “S” and “G” characters. Aylward offers a trule unique and antique look but is very readable and striking without being too heavy or overly ornate. It also includes not just a single style, but also a variant with spurs on the ascenders and curves of the characters. Because this is a display face it has no proper lowercase, so the standard font includes the spurred characters on the uppercase and the plain characters as the lowercase. As a bonus there is also a custom outline version of the font which can be bought separately or is included packaged with the main font, so it’s like getting three fonts in one. More info and free demo at: http://www.fontcraft.com/fontcraft/2010/03/new-font-aylward/

Letterpress Gothic

With all the coverage we did of the Hatch Show Print exhibit it seemed only appropriate to develop a font which embodied that design look. The result is our new Letterpress Gothic font which embodies one of the quirks of letterpress printing, the occasional combination of characters which are very similar, but don’t quite match. To do this we took characters from a number of different letterpress gothic style fonts, distressed them to give them the look of being printed from old blocks, and combined them together to form two complete alphabets, along with some special characters, particularly filled-in Em and En spaces for crude line balancing. The end result is surprisingly effectrive, with a lot of character and a good representation of the feel of primitive printed posters. It’s actually aimed somewhat below the sophistication of a lot of the fancy letterpress work Hatch produces, but it’s an excellent example of what you might have found on an early 20th century playbill or show poster from a smaller press. More info and free demo at: http://www.fontcraft.com/fontcraft/2010/05/new-font-letterpress-gothic/


A great many years ago when working in game publishing I had a real fascination with doing titles in a strong, super-bold font called Bolt Bold. The truth is I rather overused it. In doing some research I find it on more than a dozen different game books I wrote in the early 80s, all quite collectable and out of print today. Back in those days we did the titles using rub-on lettering from Letraset. Although I used it a lot, there were always some things about Bolt Bold which I was dissatisfied with. I actually wished it were a little bolder and I never much liked the lowercase character set or the peculiar dissonance between the rounded exterior corners and square interior corners. More info and free demo at: http://www.fontcraft.com/fontcraft/2010/06/new-font-bigblok/