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(x) sassy website - Trebuchet, Avenir {NJ, Raymond}

This doesn't appear to be one of the usual default PC web fonts, nor one of the new web fonts offered through FontShop.


Can anyone provide me with an ID? And tell me how they've managed to make this work?

Thank you.


The type they've used for body text is Trebuchet which - as far as I know - is shipped, certainly with Windows, as standard.



NJM is referring to the body copy. The logo and large shiny buttons use Gotham.

Edit: No it's not. It's close to Gotham... It's something else that someone else will probably find before I return with the answer...

Edit II: big shiny buttons: Avenir. The logo may or not be a customized Museo Sans or a hybrid of all three. [?]

And the method seems to be images.